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Greetings from SN Comforts !

A sn comforts is situated in Hulivamu in Banglaore which is cost-effective and affordable as per the standards of Bangalore, where finding a place to live is a difficult thing to do. Sn comforts, under one roof, provides all the facilities that one needs to live in comfort and peace.The facilities and support offered by our staff are top class as we aim to make you feel as comfortable as possible while you focus on doing your best at college.

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Our Key Amenities

Each student coming in from different parts of our country brings in different cultures and lifestyles. We at SN Comforts, match these diverse needs to ensure a harmonious and comfortable living.

Well-spaced, clean rooms.


Comfortable Rooms


We’ve built well designed rooms that incorporate all the amenities needed to have a healthy student life. Each of our single, twin and triple sharing rooms are well equipped with clean beds, tables, chairs and lockable cupboards. There is regular housekeeping to maintain cleanliness and reduce clutter.

Neat and Tidy!


Kitchen & Dining.


Kitchen & Dining area are the most important components of any boarding place and we have built them with practicality to ensure that it’s neat and tidy. Also, we believe that food needs to be freshly consumed in order to help you energize and go on with your daily activities. With that in mind, we provide pure vegetarian food that is healthy, freshly cooked and is easy on the stomach. It’s the simple things that matter and we care.

Safe and Secure.


Protective Measures


Our premises have been designed keeping security as a top priority. Not only are the premises secure from theft and other threats, but are also well equipped with security guards that serve 24/7, a full time experienced residential warden, CCTV surveillance on each floor and biometric systems that tracks the movement of everyone moving inside or outside the hostel premises.

Availability of Medical Aid.


First Aid & Emergency Vehicle


While the aim is to live a healthy life, sometimes we fall ill or face some injuries as a part of our lives. we’re well prepared to assist you during such circumstances and have first aid kits readily available at any point of time to take care of you. Also, in case of medical emergencies our hostel vehicles are available 24/7 to serve you.

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